Ahoy there! So you want to know a bit about us? Well, you’re on this page for a reason 😉

We live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia and as most couples do we’ve joined forces because we’re pretty much the same person and have similar interests. Aside from surfing (so GC), we’re both passionate about capturing moments and editing them into spectacular pieces of eye candy.

Dan is a videographer and editor. He mainly works on timelapse photography day-to-day. While he is a timelapse enthusiast, he is also an ocean man and can’t get enough of surf photography. Most notably, he is the creator of ‘Bodysurfin’ the Movie’ and ‘Bodysurfin’ the movie II’. If you haven’t seen them, I suggest you do. They’re full of liquid goodness and a lot of lol’s.

I, also known as KJ, am a self-taught photographer and drone pilot. I work day-to-day as a qualified Graphic Designer for a tourism company, so naturally, I always want to travel. Being a photoshop (and now lightroom) nerd, I literally get too excited about editing photos.

As a team, we work so well as we share a similar vision and don’t step on each other’s toes. Dan will capture video, while I take photos, making us the perfect team to partner with for all your creative needs.

That’s enough about us… we want to know about you!